January 28, 2013

I love Kate Spade

I could create a whole blog about how much I love the clothes and accessories from Kate Spade. Everything from bright and fresh designs to the quirky details, I really haven't found a piece I don't like. However, today I am going to talk about the customer service I get every time I go into a Kate Spade store.

I am on my 4th Kate Spade iPhone case. While I'm not super careful with my phone, I never drop it or do anything that would break the case. So each time that my case would break (honestly it was always within a few weeks after getting a new one) I would go to Kate Spade and they would happily replace it every.single.time!

I guess I wasn't the only person having problems with their iPhone cases because they recently changed the design so that they would be stronger and hold up better. The new design has been great so far and my case looks like it did the day I bought it.
Kate Spade tech accessory

My point is, it's amazing what good customer service can do for your business. Because the Kate Spade employees have helped me with the issues I have had with my phone case, I have returned as a loyal customer multiple times.

I can't always afford Kate Spade products, but I always think of them first when I am buying a gift for someone or if I need something myself. I bought my mom earrings for Christmas, and will be buying my friend a wedding gift in the next few weeks.

So thank you Kate Spade, for the wonderful products and services you provide. It's nice to know you can count on a brand!

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