January 28, 2013

taking care of the pup and a weekend recap

Happy Monday folks! I hope you all had a nice weekend. Mine was pretty boring, I didn't end up doing anything very exciting but I got a lot done which is a plus.


I made this chicken stir fry recipe from my Food Network crush Tyler. Seriously, my mom and I used to talk about how I should marry this guy someday. He's cute and he cooks.... :)

The recipe was delish and super easy. If you are looking for a good stir fry I would definitely try this out. The bf even gave his approval.

via FoodNetwork.com


My lovely friend Jen took pictures of me for my social media profiles and for work. I figured I needed an update since the last ones were taken almost two years ago.

If you are in the SF Bay Area and need your picture taken for anything please consider Jen. She is a great photographer and she's also sweet and fun to work with- especially for you awkward people like me! Here's a sneak peak of her work:

The rest of Saturday was spent doing laundry because my puppy peed on my bed twice and then threw up all over my blankets after getting a little too aggressive chewing on a bone and gagging himself. I know, I should obviously never let my dog on my bed again or give him any bones or toys but you know, it is what it is.

Oh and I got completely caught up on Nashville. Do you guys watch this show? You should. It's AMAZING!!!!!!!! And full of country music.


Yesterday was supposed to be spent at a brunch in the city and then getting ready for the work week but instead I ended up going to the East Bay to visit my mom and taking Reggie to doggie Urgent Care because he had a horrible bacterial/yeast infection in his ear :(

Poor guy was acting weird all day and then kept scratching his ear. The good thing is it came on fast and we caught it early so he's not in a lot of pain, the bad news is he is quickly competing to be the most expensive dog in the world. Do you know how much an urgent care appointment costs for a dog? Too much my friends, too much.

What did you guys do over the weekend? Did you do anything fun?

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