January 11, 2013

frenchie friday

Happy Friday everyone! This week flew by which is awesome because last week was the worst and decided to last forrrreverrrr. To keep this week going on a good note I thought I would go back to the start of my frenchie obsession and show you some pictures of my boyfriends dog, Pig. Pig is pretty much the love of my life and the reason I have my little pup Reggie - Pig's the dad. Hope you enjoy!

Sweet little Pig :)
Pig literally sleeps all day so most of my pictures are like this
He used to get sad and miss my BF when I would babysit. Treats fixed that!
He has no concept of personal space
This is how he cools off
My brother slept on my floor and this is how Pig woke him up.
The first picture I have of Mr. Pig
Real quick, I know I seem like a crazy dog person - especially since this isn't even my dog - and you're right, I totally am. But my boyfriend knows and I think he secretly likes it since he loves his little dog too. Have a nice weekend!

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