January 22, 2013

frenchie friday...on tuesday!

Sorry I'm late on this post! This past Friday I took Reggie to his last vet appointment so he is now chipped and has all his shots. It came at a good time too because I just found a Frenchie Meetup group in San Francisco and they had a meetup on Sunday.

There were probably over 20 Frenchies at this group and it was so funny to see all of the dogs playing together. Reggie was really shy most of the time and didn't know how to go play with the other dogs. It made me realize how I need to start socializing him more because I want him to have fun playing with other dogs and not just Pig.

Do you guys have any tips on  how to socialize dogs?

Some of the Frenchies at the Meetup
Pig was having a great time and got a little too excited while playing :)
The nuggets had a long weekend and slept all day yesterday
Cuddle buds
The sweetest pups!

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