November 2, 2010

Think Pink!

Sweater and Tank, LOFT
Necklace, handmade from Ruffles & Stuff Tutorial
Jeans, American Eagle
Shoes, Ann Taylor
When I got dressed this morning I started with pink shoes. Then I added this pinkish-purple sweater, the pink flowers and finally the pink necklace. Obviously my weekend partying in Seattle has impaired my judgment, or the rain made me crave bright and cheery colors, either way, at least one pink thing had to go. I haven't worn these striped zebra flats in almost a year so it was a good switch to make. Also, when I jumped into Lake Washington my ankle hit the ladder going off the dock and has been killing me! It's all swollen and a gross purpley-bruised color. Heels were simply not an option today, but pink was- clearly :)

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