November 18, 2010

30 for 30: Short and Sweet

BP Jacket, Gap Shirt, Loft Skirt, Costco Tights, NineWest Shoes, Micheal Kors Watch
I am aware that this picture looks like something from a department store magazine circa 1990-something. For some reason I was really tired today and had a hard time getting inspired during my daily photo shoot. I hate to say that I have been busy- because most people are- but it's been a little insane lately. The good thing is tomorrow is Friday and in no time the weekend will be here :)

So with that, I am off to bed to get more sleep. Short and sweet, like I promised!

I love this applique on my shirt <3

Sorry to show this picture of my booty...I just really love details like this exposed zipper on my skirt!

Leather jacket for warmth;
it was sooo very cold in San Francisco today!


  1. the details are gorgeous! I love this look on you, especially with that happy smile.

  2. I love love love that skirt and the zipper. :)

  3. What a cute outfit! I have the exact same skirt. I absolutely love LOFT. I am giving away a bra of your choice sponsored by TheLittleBraCompany. Please stop by and check it out.

  4. Such a cute skirt, I think I told you this last time? The detailing is great.

  5. Oh, I love the detail on that skirt too! Nice touch!

  6. Love Love Love the jacket!


  7. in love with your skirt!! and your comment about the 90s catalog made me laugh out loud. so funny :)

    loving your blog!