November 21, 2010

30 for 30 : Kitsy's Debut

Hello all you beautiful bloggers!

I hope everyone has had a nice weekend so far. It poured in here in San Francisco allllllll weekend. In fact, I went wine tasting yesterday, and was not able to take any pictures of my outfit because we got caught in the rain on the way home and I was completely soaked. Oh man, such a bummer! But once we were inside and in warm pajamas it was pretty funny :)

In my last post I told the story of how our neighbors cat comes to visit my parents house almost everyday. Well, he ended up showing his sweet kitty face during my last 30 for 30 photo shoot. Since everyone wrote such nice comments and liked the story of our semi-adopted cat, I thought I would show some more pictures.

Me trying to lure "Kitsy" over
Got him!
See, isn't he darling? And I'm not even a cat person!
On another note, I love fruit trees! My parents have had fruit bearing trees the whole time we have lived in this house and it has been so nice to just go in our back yard and grab some food. Now we just have the lemon tree which is a huge hit because we share all of our extra lemons- and as you can see from the pictures, we have a lot!
Long sleeve shirt, Sweater, and Necklace: Old Navy
Jeans: American Eagle
Shoes: Target


  1. Hi Kate!

    Great outfit! And Kitsy is adorable!
    I also love your hair. How do you make such a neat and pretty bun? Mine always end up looking messy and not cute...


  2. Cute outfit - I LOVE your hairdo!

  3. at first I thought your necklace was detailing on your cardigan - looks great! love the casual look with pops of color. your hair is lovely!

  4. Aaw I adore cats, Kitsy is just adorable.
    Your hair is absolutely stunning in the bun style, it looks beautiful!

  5. Aww Kitsy! I love chubby cats. They're so cute.