November 23, 2010

30 for 30: Hair

Cardigan, Old Navy
Dress, Urban Outfitters
Tights, Costco
Boots Target
Belt Sway
Sick... I need to work out so I stop slouching :P

Do you ever have one of those days where you decide to try something different to your hair and it just works out? Today was my lucky hair day! I really did not feel like washing my hair this morning because it is freezing out and my hair is feeling a little crunchy on the ends, so I opted to pull it back sans shower instead. I have been wanting to try a do' like this, this, or this...and I think I succeeded!

Side note- this will NEVER happen again :)


  1. Your hair looks amazing! Very pretty!

  2. Succeed, you did! Bravo! Super cute.

  3.! You're hair is gorgeous. I know what you mean about having good hair days where a new style WILL work. I've been trying to do the cute braids forever and still not happening. This is amazing :)

  4. Great hairstyle! It's awesome when you have good hair days and the experiments turn out right! =)

  5. Love how your hair turned out!! So cute.

  6. For a second I thought you had cut it (and it looked great)...then I saw the 'do and it's just as lovely. Great job.
    Also, love your light-colored dress paired with darker items.

  7. Your hair looks better than any of those pictures you were trying to copy!

  8. Your hair does look amazing. I would never be able to pull that off. But your outfit is super cute too! That is the first thing I noticed.

  9. Your hair looks AMAZING. I wish I could pull that off!