November 24, 2010

30 for 30: Frost Warnings

H&M Sweater, Loft Tank, Express Jeans, NineWest Shoes, Old Navy Jewelry, and F21 Jacket

I know my jacket is not apart of my 30 for 30 items, but I don't care, it's stinkin cold! AND I love it :)
Although I grew up in California, I went to college in Colorado. While I was living there for four years, I absolutely hated the cold weather and the snow! I moved back to California the morning after I graduated and swore I would never go back, except to visit. Now, I feel like kicking myself because I miss it sooooooooooooooo much! I love that I got to move back and be closer to my family, but some days all I want to do is be back in Colorado- snow and all :)

I think California knew I was feeling this way, so it decided to freeze last night and all day today. In fact, we had emergency frost warnings on TV, panicking all of the SF Bay Area, which I think is hysterical! It's always funny to me that when a State, like California, experiences weather that is not typical for the area, but IS common for other places, we still freak out. Like the frost and freezing temperatures last night; the news kept telling people to bring in their plants and animals, and to make sure to stay inside for warmth. This would never be on the news in Colorado :)

How's the weather where you all live?


  1. I grew up in Maine until 1996 then our family moved to VA which doesn't have hard winters like New England. And they do react differently to snow down here in the south, then in Maine. They shut things down faster and our family is like "Oh really?!" Yeah if the state isn't used to it they flip out ;) Cute outfits by the way :)

  2. This is so chic and pretty! Love how the necklace adds that extra something special.
    I have a link up for everyone who coordinates jewelry with their outfits, come link up! :)

  3. No kidding on the frost warning. We Californians freak out on the slightest weather changes. We ran out and covered everything! So cold on my walk this morning. Love the jacket too cute.


  4. It got significantly colder here in KY overnight! It was 70 on Monday and today it's below freezing. So much for my days running outside.

  5. I found your blog via Kendi Everyday- I love your outfits!

  6. I love that necklace! It's getting really cold this week, every year it catches me so off guard!

  7. Oregon does the same thing. This week they freaked out at a dusting of snow. My family back in upstate NY can only laugh.
    I love that jacket!

    The Auspicious Life

  8. You look so chic! This simple, comfy outfit is really lovely.

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