November 19, 2010

The Story of How My Family Stole a Cat

Ok, so we didn't actually steal a cat... we just borrow him... everyday :)

My family never had pets growing up because my brother and I were severely allergic to all animals, but that has never stopped us from wanting one. A few years back one of our neighbors got a kitten and when they decided to let it outside we occasionally would see him in our backyard. It was really fun for us- remember we never had any pets- so we would go outside and pet him.

One day my mom got the idea to start feeding it treats because he was just so gosh darn cute! Now this cute little kitten is an animal after all, and when you feed animals, even the smallest of treats, they learn to come back everyday... and for over two years now that is exactly what the cat has done. He comes by our backdoor until someone lets him in our house and gives him a treat.

The funny part about this story is that we actually gave this cat a "name", Kitsy (I know, we are so creative) and our pantry is now always stocked with cat treats. But that's not even the best part; a year ago we actually put him in our Christmas picture- see below:

Hahaha I know this is a ridiculous story but I love the fact that we have a part-time pet. In fact, all of our friends have "met" him when they have come over, and now look forward to seeing him too. We don't actually know what neighbor the cat belongs to (we have a huge neighborhood with a lot of hills) but they can be assured, that when they are away from home, we are taking great care of their dear little kitty, Kitsy.


  1. Haha so funny that he's in your christmas pictures :)

    BTW, you have a beautiful family!!

  2. Hi Kimmie! I'm glad you think it's funny too. I was worried people might think we were weird after I posted it haha. And thank you for the complement!

  3. My cat (who died a few years back) used to always visit our neighbor's house several times per day. We didn't know, until one day we saw him lounging on their balcony. They were just as devastated when he died as we were. Pets are full-o-love, it is all about letting them share that love if they want to.

    I love that you have a part time cat. I think it's great!

  4. Cute Story, we have adopted so many animals that way.

    Happy Friday.


  5. That's how we adopted our dog. He just started coming over and ended up moving in! Now I can't imagine my life without our pooch.

  6. This story cracked me up, I love how the cat was in your Christmas picture!

  7. What a cute story! Part-time cat who makes into your Christmas family picture. Thanks for the smile.

  8. that is hilairous- love that he was in the xmas picture!!