November 1, 2010

Halloween in Seattle

I had soooo much fun in Seattle with my brother this weekend! As soon as I got in on Friday, my bro and one of his best friends and roommates (our neighbor growing up), picked me up for the airport and we went back to their apartment where the two of them and ten other guys live.

I was in a sorority in college so I was positive that I would be prepared to stay at my brothers fraternity live-out house, but oh man was I wrong! I don't know if I just forgot or never noticed in college, but 21/22 year old boys are gross! haha...

Anyway, after arriving at what my brother calls "The Sand Castle House" I quickly got in my lobster costume and we left for a party at Pike fraternity. Since this was my first time in a Greek Life house since June of 2009, I felt a little out of place. The best part about the trip was that I would talk to girls (current Gamma Phi's, yay!) who were 19 years old and they were so surprised that I was 23- they thought I was old :( Since I'm in the working world now I usually get comments on how young I am so it was an interesting change to be the oldest person around...I really, really, really do NOT want to turn 24!

After the party we headed out the bars, a scene I am much more comfortable with, and had a few drinks. My brother had the funniest costume I have ever seen. He was Vince, the pitchman who sells "Sham Wows" and the "Slap Chop", and one of his roommates was Billy Mays. Everyone knew who they were and kept repeating phrases from the infomercials: "If you call in the next 30 following me camera'll love my nuts..."

The most hilarious part of the whole night was after the bars, we stopped by this park that had a great view of the city and the water. I was the only girl with all of my brothers friends so of course they didn't know that by making me go to this park with them that I would almost destroy my new back pumps, but the journey was totally worth while. 

After taking a look at the amazing view of Seattle, my brother and his roomie, the one who was dressed up as Billy Mays, found this random couple trying to have a romantic night looking at the views, and started acting like the characters they were dressed up as- I can't tell if the couple was just completely confused or genuinely frightened of my bro and his friend because they didn't move :) Like I said, the journey was totally worth a dirty pair of pumps.

To make me feel even more like an old person, I passed out at 3am on Friday night. Now, to a normal 23+ year old person who works a 9-5 desk job this sounds pretty late and reasonable for bedtime on a holiday, however, my bro and his roomies definitely stayed up until 5am in the morning. HOLY CRAP! The last time I stayed up that late I was a Junior in college and got sick the day after. And to top it off, we woke up to techno music blasting at 7am...thank God that only lasted for a few minutes :)

We did wake up a few hours later to get ready for the party my brothers house was throwing for the UW vs Stanford game. They bought a couple kegs and I actually drank beer! I never even drank beer in college haha. The party lasted for a few hours and then my brother helped me sneak into the actual game on campus. It was pouring rain the whole time so we only stayed for the first quarter but I am so glad we did! It was great to see my brother's school a little more and I really did enjoy the game and the rain.

After the game we went home to take a nap (thank God) and then went to get some dinner just the two of us. It was really nice to just sit and talk with my brother and catch up in a non-partying atmosphere. I love my brother so much and like to hear what's going on in his life. He's doing really well in school, having a wonderful time with friends, and has really come into his own. College has definitely been good for him :)

Two appetizers and two main courses later (I know, we are total fat kids) we went back to my brothers house to have a "mellow night-in". And by mellow I mean two very, very minor car accidents, a whole keg,  singing and dancing to rap music, and my favorite part of the night- Lake Washington. That's right folks, at 3am in the morning, in freezing cold Seattle in the fall, I jumped in Lake Washington with a few of my brothers friends. Ahhhhh! It was so much fun!

When I graduated college I moved from CO to CA, stopped going to school, got a job, had a new group of friends, broke up with my boyfriend of 4 years, moved in with my parents, moved out to San Francisco...etc. and I really feel like all these changes made it hard for me to know who I am. I have actually really been struggling with what I like to call my quarter-life-crisis this whole year and jumping in the lake helped me feel like my old self again. I know it sounds strange, but I used to be really spontaneous and I was always the first one to go along with people doing crazy things... and I haven't done anything like that in a very long time.

All in all, this weekend was one of the best weekend I have had in while. I hope everyone else had a great Halloween weekend too! Any fun stories to share?


  1. too funny - I found your blog thru Kendi's 30x30 list. I lived in Seattle and dated a Pike, was it the annex that you stayed at? Yes, boys are grody :) That seems like a lifetime ago when I was 18 - at almost 27 I really am OLD!

    I am following now, you have adorable style!

  2. How fun! I live in Seattle, so it was great to see all of your pictures! I found you thru dash dot dotty and now I am your newest follwer!