November 7, 2010

30 for 30 Remix

Hello fellow bloggers and remixers! I am so excited for this challenge to start...I have picked out my 30 items of clothing, made a makeshift clothes line (I'll explain later haha), and even put together some outfits in my head.

There is one thing missing though, I have not taken any pictures of my 30 pieces of clothing and it is now 11:42pm... and I have to wake up at 4:30am for a work event.

You see, I am in Event Marketing and have to travel/work on the weekends- this was one of those weekends. So instead of oh, I don't know, maybe planning ahead, I decided to do everything today, boo :(

Now I am stuck with the "going to class without the paper I was supposed to write" feeling. Well, that is a bit dramatic, since this is just a fun challenge and school is way more stressful and unpleasant, but I am disappointed that I can't showcase my choices tonight! I will however, post my picks on Wednesday (after my work event) and I PROMISE I will stick to my 30 for 30 pieces of clothing.

Until then, take a look at my clothesline I created just for this challenge: I needed a way to keep my 30 for 30 clothes separate from the rest of my closet...see I'm trying ;)

"Closet" over bed (curtain rod tied to bed posts)
Annoying? Maybe. Fantastic and resourceful? I'd say yes!


  1. good luck. I think the detox is going to be really great for all of us!

  2. I seperated all of my 30 for 30 pieces too. It's makes it somewhat easier when I'm half awake at 6am to get ready!

    Looking forward to your first outfit!

  3. Good luck with the challenge. I'll be doing it with you! I separated all of my pieces too. That way I don't have to be tempted by the glorious other side of the closet.
    Wearing It On My Sleeves

  4. I'm doing 30x30 too... looks like you created a great little capsule closet!

  5. Good luck with the challenge, fellow remixer! =]

  6. That clothesline is a great idea! :)