October 25, 2010

The Windy City

One of the things I really enjoy about my job is that I get to travel about 50% the time. I do not really like the software industry at all but it's hard to beat going to every major city in the United States- so I hope I get to stick with it for a while:) This week, I am at a conference in Chicago! I have never been to "The Windy City" before but I think I might be in love...what an awesome place!

I haven't been able to explore too much because I am busy with the conference, but so far I have gone to Sear's Tower (very touristy BUT definitely worth seeing...INCREDIBLE views!), then I walked down the Magnificent Mile- their main shopping area downtown- and amazingly suppressed the urge to buy anything (go me!). After losing a little steam during the day a much needed trip to the Hershey store was in order where I purchased a Smore's Brownie ( I was going to post a picture of it but I think it would make you too hungry haha).

 Me at the top of Sear's Tower... with a mutant Chicago bug!

The next part of my Chicago journey included a bus tour all over the Downtown area. I know this may seem lame, but every time I have taken a tour of any city I have visited I never regret it- you learn so much about the surrounding areas and get to cover more ground when you don't have to walk. I think one of my favorite things I got to see on this trip was "The Bean" in Millennium Park. First of all, I did not know the Bean was in Chicago and I also never thought that it would it would be so fun to see! PS- ignore my mismatching shoes :)   I was wearing back heals that actually went with my outfit but they were hurting my feet and leopard print flats were all I had for spares!

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