October 20, 2010

Warm Fuzzy Wednesday: The Gift of Hair

One of my coworkers approached me yesterday and told me his 9 year old daughter cut her long, black hair off and now has a bob. I was a huge tomboy when I was kid and did the same thing at the exact age so I figured she did it for similar reasons... until my colleague told me the reason she cut her hair was because his mother, her grandmother, was losing hers.

I still can't believe that this little girl made such a grown up decision and gave her grandmother something so special. It's funny, I think we often forget how important hair is to us and how difficult it would be if we lost it. It's not that we take it for granted, more that we just assume it will always be there.

I don't know if this would be weird or not, but I was thinking about buying this girl a cute headband or hair clip...is that even a good idea? Also, what do 9 year old girls wear in their hair, and what works with a short cut? Any help would be greatly appreciated so please let me know your thoughts! Here are some of the ideas I had:

To never growing up and always keeping a bit of childhood within us!

1 comment:

  1. What a sweet little girl!
    I don't know if you are still looking for clips for this little girl or not, but I sell felt covered clips on Etsy. My shop is The Orange Dahlia.