October 1, 2010

Dress for a Night Out on the Town

I have an on-going "dilemma" of sorts.

My style is very feminine, very Anthropologie/Loft/Pottery Barn-ish... you know sweaters, brooches, knee length skirts, well I think you get the point. Although I don't have much to show, I like to keep covered for the most part, i.e. no low cut tops or short skirts!

This style works well for about 95% of my life (work, daytime, family, etc.) but for the rare times I go for a night out on the town, or the even more elusive trip to Vegas, I am completely stumped as to what I should wear. I tend to resort to black (like the picture I have below) but I want something that is more inline with my style- yet night time appropriate. I will be searching all weekend because I do have a work trip to Vegas, but in the meantime here is my pick:

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