October 4, 2010

Halloween is Right Around the Corner

I LOVE HALLOWEEN! Ever since I was a kid I have appreciated and gladly participated in the festivities of this fun and delightful holiday. Although I love traditional Halloween decor and costumes, I am starting to really enjoy more stylish and sophisticated Halloween decorations like what Z Gallerie is selling right now. Here are some of my favorites:

On an even more exciting note, Halloween means costumes! I had a really fun (and cheap) costume last year that accomplished everything I wanted. I do not like to show a lot of skin or dress too sexy, but I wanted to do something fun and girly...which turned into Sandy  from Grease- the "bad Sandy". I really wanted to wear this costume again this year but I am thinking about doing something new...?

Do you have any fun Halloween costumes or ideas? I could use some ideas :)

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