October 13, 2010

Warm Fuzzy Wednesday - Working From Home

The sales team at my company is going through training at my office today which means everyone else got the option to work from home. Since my commute to work is about 1 hour and 15 minutes one way, I decided to take my company up on their offer. So far I have power emailed, but used the rest of my day to do things I normally am not able to do; like go to the doctors, sleep on my couch, and eat cookies and hummus all day :)

Now that most of my work is done and my errands are complete I decided to browse the elusive daytime television specials that I have not watched since college.Naturally, I stopped on the ever classy and oh so educational program "Dr. Phil". I know, be jealous!

Even though I may have been in a food coma, this episode was pretty upsetting to watch. It was about bullying in school and how it's gotten worse with the internet. Even though I despise Dr. Phil, I felt like he had some great advice, "If you see someone getting bullied and don't stand up for them, you are just as bad as the person doing the bullying." I couldn't agree more.

Once when  I was younger I actually stood up to a bully, and I will never forget that moment. There was this girl I went to high school with and even though she was pretty, she was a little over weight- but a REALLY sweet girl. I was sitting in class one day and a bunch of kids were making fun of her weight so I turned around and told them to stop. Apparently one of her friends was in the class and she told this poor girl what had happened- this girl came to me the next day and couldn't stop telling me how thankful she was that I had stood up for her.

Now I'm not perfect, and I have had situations come up like that many times since and have not always done the right thing, but it honestly felt really good to help someone out; especially when they deserved it. Oh and by the way, before I deleted my Facebook account, I saw that this girl is now doing body building competitions, and looks super hot. Oh Karma!

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