June 14, 2013

frenchie friday

Hi all! It's been a few weeks since I have done a Frenchie Friday post around here. Not because I haven't had some fun times with the pups or any good pictures, but mostly because I have been super busy running and have neglected this poor little blog. Sad day...anyway, the last time I posted about the dogs I mentioned they were having some skin/paw issues. Thankfully, they are all healed now and hopefully will be healthy and happy for the rest of the summer :)

In very exciting news, Reggie finished his obedience training with SF Puppy Prep! I'm not sure if I mentioned I was taking him but I signed him with a lot of urging from the bf. Reggie is a really good dog with the sweetest personality, but he is also really stubborn and since I have not owned a dog before I was pretty stressed out trying to train him. At 7 months old he was still regularly having accidents in the house, pulling on his leash on walks, and just not listening very well over all. Now that the training is done he has grown up a lot and listens so much better and hasn't had an accident in the house since we started. For those of you thinking of training I would encourage it because it really teaches you to connect with your dog and helped out a lot. Plus, now he can give "high-fives" which is freaking adorable :)

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