July 9, 2013

frenchie update

My mom's neighbor bought Reggie's half sister :)

Hello friends,

I've never been a great blogger because I will post regularly for a few months and then I stop completely for long periods of time. My apologies for the absence, there hasn't been a whole lot going on in my life or the pups up until recently.

Reggie just got neutered today. I wasn't going to have this done because he has already been to the vet a number of times in the last few months ($$$)  but he had to be put under and have a scope check out his esophagus after the vet found a "mysterious object" when he had xrays done this weekend after threw up and wasn't eating. The vet said he probably just had the stomach flu or ate something poisonous but they were concerned about what they saw in the xray. $1,200 of my emergency fund later I find out that he just has extra skin in his esophagus and that they just left it because it isn't hurting him. I am relieved to know he's okay but it is frustrating that I had to spend so much money to to hear he has extra skin in his throat.

It's good to have him home and I'm not sure if it's because he's on a lot of medication right now but he has so much energy and just wants to play. Don't dogs hurt and feel tired after they get neutered? At least he is feeling well :)