December 28, 2012

are you guys getting serious?

"You and your boyfriend have been dating a long time, are you guys getting serious?"

I hate this question. But unfortunately, this was the first thing most of my family members asked this past week.

Normally I just laugh and say "things are going well" and leave it at that, but this holiday season I felt as though this answer wasn't enough. The questions kept coming and included "Have you talked about getting married? Having kids? Is he the one?"

I felt so stuck. I didn't know how to tell them, things are great, but no, we haven't talked about marriage and no he doesn't want kids, or we have been dating a year but that doesn't mean we should be settling down.

Looking back on the week, I know they were just asking because they are family and haven't seen me for a year but it didn't make the questions any easier to answer. Maybe it was the constant reminder that I am 26 and that my "time is ticking" or the fact that I don't know how to answer their questions because I am unsure of the answer myself, but either way, it was extremely uncomfortable.

I know I'm not the only person this happens to when they visit family over the holidays, but why do people feel that they have the right to ask people these personal questions? I do want to get married and have kids one day but now is not the right time.

Do you get asked these questions at family gatherings? Does it bother you when people ask?

December 18, 2012

soul mates

Do you believe in soul mates? I know this may seem like a silly question but it's something that I have been thinking about a lot lately. I used to think that everyone had a soul mate and that nothing would stop two people from being together, but as I grow older (and maybe more cynical?) I am not so sure this is true anymore.

Do I believe in soul mates? Yes, I still very much do- but I don't think we always end up with our soul mates. Life gets messy and we make poor decisions and people move on...things don't always work out the way we plan. I think you can be in love with someone, but it doesn't make them your soul mate. I think a soul mate is someone you think about each and every day, even though you haven't seen them in months, even years. A soul mate is someone you connect with on such a level that you don't even have to think, you can just be. You are your complete self around this person because they already know who you are.

I consider myself lucky to have met such a person. I don't know if everyone gets this opportunity.

September 11, 2012

my anthro wishlist

Spring Anthro

Anthropologie is one of those stores I always wanted to shop at when I was younger but never actually did because it is so expensive. When I got my first job out of college (and my first steady paycheck) I would occasionally browse Anthropologie and if I saw something I loved, I would purchase it. However, I found that the quality did not always meet the price tag and eventually stopped shopping there altogether.

This week I have been working in downtown San Francisco and had to run an errand in Union Square which was right by the Anthropologie. They had some cute items in the window display and later that night I decided to browse their website. I found these gems above and am debating on purchasing them. 

What do you all think? Is Anthropologie clothing worth the price? What if it is on sale?

more of the green jean

I love all of the bright colors that are popping up this spring! However, like any trend, these bright colors may not be around for more than a few seasons. Living in a somewhat trendy city like San Francisco, I like to be apart of the stylish fun, but I also have to remember that I have a tight budget. Rather than feeling left out I tend to save my splurges on classic items (such as a white tee, black blazer, and bag) and then opt for cheaper versions of the clothes that are trendy this season season.

These green pants are from UO and at only $58 they aren't breaking the bank. The examples below are different ways I have seen these jeans styled. My favorite is the last image, very Kate Spade with the pink and green!

Do you guys like this trend? How would you style them and what color would you pick?

How I Styled It - Green Denim

Green Jeans

J Crew jacket
$230 -
$24 -
Nine West pointed toe pumps
$75 -
Marc by Marc Jacobs hobo handbag
$428 -