October 28, 2010

Back to Reality

I am home in San Francisco and finally back in the office. My return flight from Chicago was delayed and very long because of all the bad fall weather so it's truly wonderful to be back :) The Giants won the first game in the world series last night and they are going to win the second game tonight!

Today has been good for the most part but I am a little stressed because I still have to buy a red dress for my Halloween costume (details to come this weekend!), I have to make a "Kitty Litter Cake" for my company Halloween party tomorrow, and I have to pack to go to Seattle tomorrow night!

I tweeted about it the other day, but in case you didn't see, my bro asked me to come out to visit him this weekend. He is a Senior at the University of Washington in Seattle and I have not gone to visit him since my Junior Year of College! He lives with about 10 other guys (that will be interesting...I'm NOT sleeping on the couch lol) and they are throwing two parties: one for Halloween and one for the football game on Saturday. I am so excited to see my brother because I miss him dearly, but I am not at all ready to leave!

I don't have any pictures today because I have been incredibly busy so I will leave you with these funny comics my mom emailed to me today. Enjoy!

Sorry for the nudity! My mom sent me these pictures though so I figured if mom thought they were okay to send that they were okay to post online :)