April 29, 2011

Happy Weekend.

Jacket? Thrifted. Blouse & Skirt? BP. Belt? GAP. Shoes? Target. Necklace? EmersonMade

Hello Friends,

Isn't it funny how alleyways look all quaint and nice during the day, especially when you're with a friend? I seriously would never walk down here at night- creepy! Anywho...

I hope you all had a nice work week. Any fun weekend plans? I am actually taking a half-day today so I can meet up with friends and go to a Kenny Chesney concert. Little excited, no big deal, just counting down the seconds to my early weekend....yay :)

Alright, I am out. Happy Weekend!

April 28, 2011

I Think I'm in Love

Hi Friends,

I have just discovered this design/clothing company called Layla Grayce. I have no idea why I have not heard of them before because they have great vintagey and eclectic home decor which is totally my style! Here are a few things I am totally drooling over now:

Good News

Sweater? Jcrew. Blouse? Boutique in Seattle. Necklace? Anthropologie. Skirt? GAP. Shoes? Target.

Wouldn't life just be that much better if it looked more vintage? I think so...

Friends, I have some good news, I just found out that a few of my friends and I got accepted to run the Nike Women's Marathon this October in San Francisco. This will be the first 1/2 marathon I have ever run- in fact, I have never run more that 6 miles in my whole life! My dad says getting accepted was the easy part and I kinda agree. Man, it is going to be tough training to run this thing but at least I have plenty of time!

Do any of you run marathons? I would love some tips and ANY advice since I am basically going to learn as I go. I have already downloaded a few running apps for my iPhone and was told to sign up for 10k a a few months before the Nike race so I can get a feel for running a smaller race before the bigger one. But other than that, I am just running and taking spin classes a few days a week.

April 27, 2011

Finally Catching the Bus on Time Today

Blouse? Gifted. Vest? Sway (boutique in Berkeley, CA). Jeans? Levis. Watch? MK. Shoes? NineWest.

The sun is too bright!
Hi Friends!

I hope you all are having a splendid week so far. Today has been a success for me! So, for the last year while I was living at home with my parents I have had my own car. Now that I have moved to the city, I literally have no place to park this car so it is sitting in the cozy driveway of my parents home. This is great for my car because it was getting trashed in the city, but totally sucks for me.

I am notorious for being late- in fact everywhere I go I am usually running 5-10 minutes behind- so having a car was great; I could pick and go whenever I pleased. Not so much anymore. My whole life is starting to focus on public transportation which requires punctuality, a characteristic I am going to have to force upon myself if I want to remain employed at my current position, etc.

Though this is embarrassing to admit, today was the first time (since I have moved) that I have caught the bus on time. Woo hoo! Let's celebrate, this is big haha.

April 26, 2011

Work Hard, Play Hard

Dress & Sweater? UrbanOutfitters. Belt & Tights? Gifted. Shoes? Ariat Cowboy Boots.

Hello Friends!

The title of this blog post is a little misleading because I don't actually party hard. However, if I were the type of gal who liked to go out for cocktails after work (and not go home to watch my recorded episodes of Nate Berkus) I think that this dress would be a perfect transition from day to night, work to play.

With a cardigan, this dress is much more office appropriate (no shoulders showing at work) and it almost makes the outfit a little grandma-ish, which I love. Then, after work all you have to do is remove the cardigan and voila! Sexy shoulders and buttons down the back :)

Do you guys have any key outfit pieces you use when transitioning from day to night? I would love it if you guys could send me some pictures for inspiration! If you send them my way I will put them on my blog- just email me at katerose2009@gmail.com and tell me your first name plus your blog URL if you have one.

Monday Wellies

Sweater? UrbanOutfitters. Lace Blouse? Express. Belt? BP. Skirt? ModCloth. Wellies? Hunter.

Hello Friends!

Is there anything better than rain-boots? I mean the different names for them alone (wellies or galoshes) makes them just adorable . I got my Hunter Wellies for Christmas this past year and didn't get to wear them until spring because we had a pretty dry winter. Thank God for living in SF- plenty of April showers!

Typically when I don my springtime galoshes, I tend to wear more casual attire like jeans and a rain coat. However, after discovering  the blog Atlantic-Pacific, I was inspired by the different ways this lovely lady styled her wellies with dresses and skirts and wanted to try and do the same thing.

The only question I have, is how do you keep your Hunter Rainboots from getting that cloudy film on them? I love when they are bright and shiny but I find by mid-day they are looking a little dull...any suggestions would be great!

April 25, 2011

Home Sweet Home

Photos courtesy of iPhone...sorry for the fuzziness
Hello Friends!

Today I woke up and for the first time since I have moved into my new apartment, I felt like I was home :) I'm pretty sure it's because I just got this new chest of drawers on Craigslist that I am literally obsessed with now.

For months, I have had clothes all over my floor because my closet was full and I didn't have any furniture to hold things like pajamas, socks & undies, workout clothes, etc.However, I wasn't willing to splurge on any old chest of drawers, I knew exactly what I wanted- fortunately this weekend I found it!

Here are some other pictures of my room. I know I still have more to do but it is definitely coming along.

I moved my chair to the other corner of my room. Love this decision- more room to walk around & now I can look out at my view of the Golden Gate Bridge while reading. I just need a pillow & a throw to complete the comfy factor of this chair.
Oh, & a lamp! This corner is pretty dark at night & that is usually when I read. I thought something like these lamps would work well for this corner & the limited space.
Sideview. Not very interesting but I thought I would share to give some perspective on size of my room.
I am not one of those people that likes 1,000 pillows on a bed but I want my room to look less put together & more comfortable. I feel like I can achieve that by replacing these shams with a patterned cover & then getting some more decorative pillows to add to the orange. I might even take one of the orange pillows out to make it look less like a catalog. Also, I bought this bed spread on Overstock when I had a full bed...I obviously need to upgrade to the appropriate size but I LOVE this duvet cover- I may need to buy the same one in a Queen.
I bought these lamps (and rug) at my local HomeGoods store & I absolutely love them. This is not at all what I was looking for ( I wanted either this lamp or this lamp from Anthropologie) but once I saw them I knew they would be perfect for my room. I actually think they look better than the Anthro ones- & they were much cheaper!
View from my bed. I don't know what else to do in this space since it is a doorway...maybe lower the birdcage? I think it may be a little too high.
Since I love this chest of drawers so much I really want to play it up & do more to decorate this corner of my room. I am thinking about getting a tall and narrow vase to go right by my door (maybe something like this?) & want to make sure I get enough books to fill up my "bookcase" with colorful, beautiful books. I have a few straw hats and am wondering if a a few hooks would look good on this wall or be too much? hmmm?
Lastly, I am so excited to find a vintage-looking mirror or photograph to put in this space. It will really complete the look of this corner & add a lot to the dresser. I want to add a few decorative knickknacks to put on top of my chest of drawers but I am not sure what I want yet. I think I need to sit on it a while so I don't buy things I do not need. 

April 19, 2011

April Showers Bring May Flowers...or Online Shopping Sprees...

Forever21 Dress

GAP Fedora

GAP Jeggings

GAP Snakeskin Belt

UO Dress
Good-day ladies!

I hope you all are doing well. My life has been splendid lately...in fact I have been gone for about the last four weeks traveling for work (Orlando, Toronto, San Francisco, Atlanta, etc.) and all this traveling and time indoors from the rainy, spring weather has created this huge urge for me to do a little online shopping.

Here are a few of my purchases- I will try and incorporate them into my wardrobe in the next few weeks so you can see how I plan to style them.

Oh, I also have a new camera so I can start posting outfits again, woo hoo!