March 31, 2011

Spring Has Sprung at LOFT

Holy Moly. LOFT, you have the cutest clothes for spring. I would be mad at you for coming out with all this cute stuff when I am poor, but I love ya too much. I don't know which outfit(s) I want more?

What do you guys think? Any outfit or piece of clothing that sticks out to you?

March 30, 2011

Books, Thank You For Being My Friend

I love books. A lot. If anyone would like to give me some books, I would gladly accept ;) Especially these babies...drool...

Penguin Hardcover Classics

Just lovely.

March 28, 2011

My Sweet Retreat

Love poster via MadeByGirl, Patchwork pillow via Anthropologie, Yellow pillow via Layla Grayce, End table via Urban Outfitters


Hi Friends,

A few weeks ago I showed you a few pictures of my room and you could all see how plain it is! I am trying to add some color to the room and have been able to do so in a few places.... but the corner with my sitting chair is not coming together at all. I really want to spruce it up and make it a sweet, little corner to relax and read a book (if I ever find the time to read books again...) so I went online and scoped out a few pieces that I think would really add a lot to the space. Let me know what you think!

March 22, 2011

Pretty Things

Hi friends!

I went window shopping in my neighborhood the other day and walked into this lovely little shop with this AWESOME wallpaper and staircase. Isn't it great when you come across pretty things? I hope you all are having a nice week full of pretty things :)

March 21, 2011


Hi Friends,

I forgot my Tri-pod at my parents house when I moved out so until I go visit them I will have to find other means for taking pictures. This was my "take outfit pictures on the wall mirror" strategy but I have also used the microwave since then :)

I love this top, but I love the way Kendi from Kendi Everyday styled it better. No worries, inspiration for next time!

Top? Anthropologie. Necklace? EmersonMade. Jeans? Express. Shoes? Target
Don't look at the clothes on my floor...I was having trouble finding what to wear today ;)

March 16, 2011

Recent Clothing Purchases

I recently took a stroll in my neighborhood with some friends and we decided to make a quick stop into Urban Outfitters. Here is what I bought:

Sweater? UO. Blouse? UO
Jeans? Levis. Belt? Sway.
Necklace? EmersonMade

Recent Room Purchases

On the way to slowing spending all of my money, I have picked up a few yummy pieces for my closet and my room- totally worth every penny :) Here a few decorative items that have made their way into my abode:

Oresund Mug
Color is starting to creep in to my mostly yellow/tan bedroom. I still need one really fantastic colorful piece to bring the whole thing together. I am still coveting the rug I posted here but I am pretty sure my bank account would break-up with me if I actually bought it...hmmm?

What's Cookin? Salsa Chicken

I am not sure if you guys are even interested in this, but I thought it would be fun to start sharing some of the recipes I make. You see, I am a very novice chef and I feel like if I can make something, you all can too! Let me know if this is something you guys would like me to start posting about regularly and I will make it happen (but only if you agree to share your simple/delish/lovely recipes too!)

Salsa Chicken
Literally the easiest crock pot recipe, ever.

Ingredients (serves 4)
-4 chicken breasts
-24oz Salsa of your choice (keep in mind it gets spicier the longer you cook- I typically choose mild)
-can of black beans
-cheese or sour cream (if you like it- I leave this part out because I'm lactose)

-cover bottom of crock pot with a little bit of salsa
-place two chicken breasts in pot
-pour half of the salsa on top of chicken
-place the last two chicken breasts in the pot
-pour the rest of the salsa on top of chicken (make sure chicken is completely covered with salsa)
-cook on low heat for 8-10 hrs. (if you have used a crock pot before you know they are pretty fool-proof, so if your timing is off a bit you should still be fine!)
-once time is up, drain water from pot and change heat settings to "warm"
-place chicken and salsa on a warm tortilla and add beans, avocado, cheese, etc on top
-roll like a burrito or eat like a taco (depending on size of tortilla) and ENJOY!

March 6, 2011

My Bedroom

Hello Friends!

I know I need a lot of work but here is my room so far! I figured I could take each picture and then photoshop different things in to see how it would look decorated in different ways.

The first thing I would like to add is a chest of drawers. The green chair in the first picture is covered in clothes (I cleaned it for the picture) and I would like to put them away soon.

I am a little torn where I will buy a chest of drawers because I found one that I think would be great from Ikea, but I am trying to not buy all my furniture from Ikea since it doesn't last very long (my end tables are both from Ikea) and I am also trying to prevent things from looking too matchy-matchy (since they would match my end tables). Here is the chest of drawers I am thinking of:

On my night stands that match this dresser from Ikea, I changed the nobs to these to make it look a little less Ikea-ish and I really like how it turned out. Maybe I can do the same for the dresser?

What do you guys think? Any ideas?

March 5, 2011

Apartment Wishlist



Hello Friends!

You guys are going to get so sick of me making blog posts about decorating my apartment but I am just so darn SOOO excited to have my own place :) I don't really have a lot of things in my room now which is hard because it doesn't feel like home yet- but also nice because I can start fresh. Since my room is big and bright I want to add a lot of color and make it really fun.

Do you guys like the colors I have chosen above?

I'm a New Woman

Hello Blogging World!

First off, I would like to apologize for neglecting my blog for almost a month. I'll admit, I totally FAILED...sorry :)

But I'd like to believe I have a few good reasons- I'm a new woman! Well, kinda... I actually hate that expression. It makes me think of life in the 1950's and buying a new shade of lipstick or something. My changes have been a little more profound- or so I hope.

First off, I reactivated my Facebook account. Now I KNOW how ridiculous this sounds but it was actually a really big step for me. I hate Facebook. My list of reasons why could probably be turned into a novel so I won't bother to list them here- but I did have a few positive reason's to add it back, which I'll share:

1. I did not have a good way to keep in touch with old college friends. When I first deleted my FB I thought I would just call people more and have "better and deeper" conversations with friends because it would be over the phone- but the truth is, sometimes there's a lot to be said about a quick note letting someone know you are thinking about them. AKA Facebook wall post.

2. I was meeting a lot of new people in the city who would coordinate events with friends on Facebook...meaning I was missing the memos/get-togethers because they had no way to send me an invite.

3. The last reason ties into my 2nd big life change:

I have FINALLY moved out of my parents house and into an apartment, in San Francisco, with a really fantastic roommate...who I found through Facebook (a friend of mine since junior high (let's call her "A") posted that her friend from college (let's call her "H") needed a roommate and a mutual friend of mine and A's found it on Facebook and passed to me...phew, what a confusing explanation!)

Anyway, the point is I am living on my own, once again, but this time for good- and with an awesome roomie. I can't tell you how good I feel about this life choice and I know I am going to finally feel like I am doing things on my own instead of relying on my family all the time. And please believe, I will be posting pictures of our cute little apartment as we start decorating!

The last life change, I am single for the first time since High School. Now most of you who follow my blog might be confused by this- "what you were dating someone? How come you never talked about it on your blog?". Well, great question. Honestly, I used to be really open about this kind of stuff in the past, but then I found that when I would break up with whoever I was dating at the time, everyone would know and want to talk about it with me- which I hate. I don't like to talk about things that are upsetting me, I never have.

The other reason, I felt like it made it more special keeping it to myself. I know a lot of people may not understand this, but I really liked knowing that I had one person in my life that was just for me- and that our time together was just for us. It was nice not having to talk about what we were doing all the time and show off- I could just enjoy every moment to myself. Maybe this is selfish, and I know this was always an issue for the BF, but it's really how I felt at this point in my life.

So to all of you who stuck around during the post-less month, thank you. I truly love all of my followers and I LOVE reading all of the sweet comments you guys post. I am beyond excited that life is settling down a bit and that I get to start reconnecting with all of you!