April 1, 2010

Lovely Ring

I found a lovely little ring from one of the blogs I follow, Melissa Loves. Isn't it pretty? I literally purchased the last one on Easter day- so lucky!
My Grandma Rose died when I was very young but I will always remember how much everyone enjoyed her company. She was a delightful woman and it was an easy decision for my parents to name me after her (Katelyn Rose) when I was born.

A few months ago, my uncle died too (he loved my Grandma Rose) and I received a little money from him. In the midst of paying off student loans and living on my own for the first time, I initially thought that the money could go towards bills.

However, after a few discussions with my parents they urged me to buy something that I have always wanted, and would not normally buy, to remind me of my uncle. I thought for a few months about what I could buy and when I saw this ring I knew it was "it". The final selling point, it's called "Rose".