what is kaduka

What does Kaduka mean?

Kaduka means "crazy" in Guam's native language Chamorro.

How did I get the name?

In college I bought a car from a family who was from Guam. The mom supposedly was feeling a little down about herself after having two kids so her husband surprised her with a new car and personalized everything on it with "Kaduka". He said he wanted her to know that even though she was a mom she was still his crazy girl. Awww :)

When they gave me the car they told me to keep everything that had Kaduka on it because it was part of the car. A few months later, I worked at a radio station and needed a radio name so I decided on Kaduka. It has been my nickname ever since.

*   *   *

A little bit about Me

My name is Kate and I live in a teeny tiny apartment in San Francisco with my puppy and a roommate. My brother lives a few blocks away and so does my boyfriend. I love my family and spend most of my time hanging out with my mom and brother. My friends are the best and I enjoy spending time with them as well. If I have any free time left over I usually will go work out or drive somewhere fun with the boy friend and our pups.

This is my little place on the web where I can ramble on about my thoughts and talk about life and the things I love. Thank you for stopping by, I hope you enjoy my blog!


  1. In my language Luganda from Uganda Kaduka means a shop.

    1. That's really interesting, thank you for sharing!

  2. What's the chances another person having the same nickname as mine. I got mine in the 1st grade of school. My favourite book i loved reading at the time was named kadukas. Ever since my friends decided to call me that and im about to graduate from university.