May 29, 2013

how much is your pet worth?

The pups have been costing us quit a lot of money lately. Between the bf having to pay for Pig's soft palate surgery and the follow up surgery to remove scar tissue from Pig's nose, to me having to pay to figure out some skin/paw problems that have been going on with Reggie- these dogs are certainly not cheap.

Not that this is a surprise. We both understood that when we bought our pups we would be responsible for them, financially or otherwise. Last year when Pig almost died of pneumonia the bf could have bought a car for the amount of money he spent saving him. Reggie hasn't been much better with multiple vet visits for ear infections, stomach and skin problems, allergies, etc, and all of the other expenses like obedience classes, ruined furniture/laptop cords/rugs, tons of fresh organic food to fix his stomach problems, and lots and lots of toys.

I was reading a financial blog the other day and they were talking about ways to save money. In the pet category they said, "we know you won't cut back on your pets so find another place to save money". I totally agree. I might joke around and say I wouldn't spend all my money on Reggie or Pig, but if it came down to it I definitely would. Dogs become part of your family and it's surprising how much you will do to make sure they are happy and healthy.

How much are you willing to spend on your dog?

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