May 14, 2013

first running update and my love of FitBit

I had my first week of training for my full marathon last week and over all it went well. I only ran once but I did my TRX training twice and ran 3 miles instead of two. I was pretty sore after running the 3 miles but walking Reggie the next few days really helped my legs from getting too tight.

There is one thing I wanted to talk about that really helps me when I am training for a race- my FitBit! I got my first FitBit Ultra about 2 years ago when my brother started working for the company. It's a tracker that clips on to your clothes and records your steps, mileage, calories, etc. My brother gave me the newer model for my birthday last year, the FitBit One, and I like this one so much more. I find that it is really accurate and easy to use.

If you are training for any race, I highly suggest you buy a FitBit to help your keep track of your distance and time. It's super small and all you have to do is clip it on your clothes before you leave and then you can check in to see how far you have run. Yesterday I went on a run and thought that I had hit the 1 mile mark but thanks to my FitBit I realized I had barely run 1/2 of a mile. It's nice to be able to look at it really quick and get all of your stats and then keep training.


Have you guys tried using a FitBit before? What did you think?

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