May 15, 2013

my perfect day in san francisco

I applied to be a San Francisco Ambassador and the writing assignment was to write about your perfect 49 hours in San Francisco. I changed my answer to be "my perfect day in San Francisco" and thought you guys might like to see what I had to say on the blog. It's nothing too exciting or out of the ordinary, in fact I have this day quite often, but it really truly is what makes me happy.

*    *   *

The perfect day in San Francisco would start on Saturday with my pup waking me up at 6:00am ready for his morning walk. I quickly throw on a sweatshirt because it is foggy and cold outside on this early morning. I walk around the block and enjoy the odd silence in the neighborhood only broken by the sound of the cable car that passes by. I head towards Polk Street to grab a coffee at one of the many coffee shops in the area and then head home to get ready for the day. My boyfriend and I decide to go to breakfast in the Marina before the weekend crowd starts to wake up and fill the restaurants that line Union Street.

After a nice meal with lattes and delicious food (San Francisco has the best food) we round up our two French bulldogs and head out to a Frenchie MeetUp group at the Mission Creek Dog Park in SOMA. There are about 20 other dogs at the MeetUp and all of the owners stand around chatting while our dogs play for the next few hours. The weather gets a little warmer and the dogs are tired so we take them home and go to lunch at Ramen Underground in the Financial District. We sit at a cramped table inside of this tiny place and order Miso Ramen with pork belly and make our plans for the rest of the day.

Lunch ends and because it is beautiful outside we walk to Union Square to do a little shopping. I head to the Zara on Post street, it’s much better than the one on Market, and my boyfriend heads over to Banana Republic. Once we have gotten our fill of window shopping we go home to take a nap with our pups before we head out again for the night.

One of my girlfriends calls me up and suggests we do dinner and drinks in the Mission and she gathers a group of girls to start the night off.  At dinner we enjoy our food and wine and catch up on all the new things in our lives. It’s nice to be able to relax and take our time since we all have such busy schedules during the week. When the food is gone we continue to hop around to a few of our favorite places like the Homestead or Southern PacificBrewing for a couple more drinks before we meet up with all of our boyfriends. The guys are ready for the night when we all meet up so I suggest we head to Butterto go dancing and the group agrees.

Butter is really hit or miss but thankfully tonight, the place is packed and they are playing all of our favorite music from the 90’s. We order our 40oz beers and mixed drinks in mason jars and dance around the bar until closing time. Bouncers kick everyone out and we all go our separate ways to the Panhandle, Nob Hill, Marina, North Beach or whatever place we are calling home for the night. 

My boyfriend and I asked to be dropped off on Polk Street so we can buy a streetdog (hotdog wrapped in bacon) and walk the rest of the way home. The streets are crawling with people and we can’t help but laugh that so many people are walking around at this time. 

Once we get back to my boyfriend’s apartment in the Marina we are greeted by two sleepy French Bulldogs. We take them for one last quiet walk in the fog that rolled back in for the night, and then we all go to bed.

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  1. Awwww I love this post!!! Many things that you mentioned are a part of my perfect day, too! Especially the night out the mission with you and the ramen! Love the pics of us. Hope you get the ambassador position, that sounds exciting.