May 17, 2013

bay to breakers

For those of you who are not from the SF Bay Area, Bay to Breakers is an annual 7 mile race where people run from the Bay all the way to the water (breakers). Some people take this race seriously and run it for time, while others dress up in costumes and day drink all day walking only a part of the race. For a hilarious description of Bay to Breakers check out The Hotness Your Momma Warned You About and read her post Bay to Broken.

I have participated in B2B three times since I have lived in San Francisco and I love it! Sure, it's a hot drunken mess, but if you do it right you will have a good time. I don't usually drink too much or party too hard so I am fine at the end of the event, but there are tons of people who over-do-it and end up passed out on someones lawn or crying that they don't know where they are. Don't be this person, and you will have a good time :)

This year, I am going with the same group I went with last year and we are all dressing up in tie dye. Some of the costumes are way more creative than this and a lot of people do group costumes. You should Google it to see some of the ridiculous costumes. Oh yea, and a lot of people go naked....(sorry, no pics haha)

If you haven't gone before, and you happen to be in the SF area, you should totally go this weekend. It's a great experience and even if it's not your style it is worth it to do one time. Just remember to wear a fun costume :)

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