June 14, 2013

a little running update


I signed up for the Nike Women's Marathon a few weeks ago and now I am crossing my fingers and praying that I get into this race! If I don't get in I will cry I will sign up for the CIM in Sacramento but I am training to run in October and would love to have this race be my first full marathon. I love the fact that it's geared towards women and have felt so empowered when I have run it in the past. Plus, as you all probably know, I love San Francisco and would love to achieve this huge goal in my hometown.

My training has been going okay. I am up to 6 miles but I only run like 2-3 times a week when I would like to run at least 4-5 and then throw a work out in there one day a week. At least I am doing it though!

I have one issue/question for you guys. How do you make time to train for a marathon when you have a dog that can't run? I always feel like I need to walk the dogs as soon as I get home and I feel really guilty if I take them on a short walk and then go running. Plus, for some reason I never feel motivated to go running after I get back from walking them because I was just outside walking the same direction I will be running. Do I walk them a different direction than I go running? Do I just get over it and learn to make time for both? Any suggestions would be appreciated :)

Btw, I took Reggie on a run at a really slow pace for about 1/2 a mile and then took him to the park to play fetch later in the night when it cooled off and he threw up :( He was okay the next morning but it was a reminder that flat-face French Bulldogs were not meant to be work out buddies.

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