February 5, 2013

good thing the pups are cute...

I love Reggie and Pig, I really do. However, I do not love that they are both not fully potty trained at 5 months and 2 years respectively. I have never owned a dog before but I am pretty sure this is not acceptable. I'm completely at a loss on how to fix it though. 

Reggie was almost potty trained and he was doing really well when he was alone at my apartment. Pig is good if you take him out, but has been marking since I met my boyfriend a year ago. Together they are awful. When Pig is around Reggie pees all over the house even if I have just taken him out. Pig then smells Reggie's pee and then pees on top of it to mark his territory.

Today when I went home on my lunch break to check on them, the rug in my room (where I keep them during the day) was covered in dog pee and my room smelled horrible. I lost it...I got on my hands and knees (in a suit btw) and scrubbed the rug with cleaner. I took the dogs on a walk and let the rug dry then I went home and sprinkled baking soda on the whole rug, vacuumed it, and then rolled it up and put it in the corner of my room. I mopped all of my wood floors with dog cleaner and then sprinkled them with baking soda and vacuumed that up to get rid of the smell. Right before I left I sprayed half a bottle of Febreeze all over my whole room and then left the window open to air out. 

Now that my room is clean and I'll be able to clean up easier since I got rid of the rugs, how do I stop this? Do you guys have suggestions on training dogs not to pee in the house? I take them out in the morning, come home on my lunch break most days to walk them, and then always go straight home after work to let them out. My boyfriend is going on vacation for the next three weeks so it will just be me and the dogs and I am determined to fix this over the next few weeks!

I would greatly appreciate any tips you guys have, because honestly I would beat these dogs if they weren't so darn cute :)

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