February 7, 2013

this is my nightmare

I live about 20 minutes from work if I take the bus or walk. I try to walk most days since it is such a short distance, but I am at the top of Nob Hill and my work is at the bottom of the financial district. For those of you not familiar with San Francisco, this is the hill I have to go up in down to get to work:


Yea, try that in heels. Boooo.

So sometimes I take the bus. It's usually not too bad, but every once in a while it's so crowded that we are literally packed in like sardines, which isn't the end of the world either. UNTIL!!! I stand next to someone who is about the same height as me... and our bottoms touch. Shudder....this is my nightmare.


  1. Ugh touching bottoms is so awkward/weird. But you know what's worse? Being seated while the person who is standing next to you has their bottom RIGHT UP against your head and since the bus is so crowded and you are just sandwiched between the passenger next to you and the bottom on the other side, it's torture I tell you.

    1. It is awkward haha but I agree, bottom in your face is much worse!!!