January 3, 2011

Spring Fever

So I know we just had Christmas and I just got so many nice things from friends and family that there is absolutely no reason that I would need any more clothes...BUT I went shopping for a New Year's top last week and noticed that spring clothes have started to make their comeback in the malls- crap, there is way too much cute stuff right now! Here are a few things I am dying to have:

Dresses and Sweaters from The Limited

I love Loft

Oh Anthropologie...how I love you!
Adorable shoes from NineWest
UO Shoes- check out the reviews online!


  1. i love these! especailly the dresses and cardis, it makes me excited for spring!
    love those UO shoes...seriously, love.

  2. Love the loft looks!! Such adorable pieces...

  3. great inspirational looks!! i can't wait for warmer weather and the return of bright clothing!


  4. Saw that cutle little polka dot dress in the window the other day as I was running by. I am so going back to get! I am ready for spring NOW.

    Great Post!