January 14, 2011

I Have Missed This

Hi Friends,

It feels good to be back with an outfit post! Even though I needed the break, it's funny how much I miss blogging when I am not able to do it. It's probably because you guys are awesome. Actually, let me rephrase...it IS because you guys are awesome! Haha sorry, my corny side comes out on Friday afternoons :)

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend! Any fun weekend plans?


  1. I love the bag you're holding. I saw a similar one at DSW and I wanted it, but no money :( for them. Boo.

    Just Better Together is having a $25 gift certificate giveaway!

  2. I love the belt under the cardi...so cute!

  3. great scarf addition to the purse!! i love your outfit and i'm so glad you're back!

    cute and little

  4. Your bag is amazing, the perfect accessory to a casual chic outfit. Very cute indeed!

  5. i am LOVING your blog; its very unique and i cannot wait to read more. congrats on your new apartment by the way! i am definitely a new follower :-)