January 6, 2011

Southern Roots

Gifted Anthropologie top, Express Sweater and Flower pin
Seven Jeans, Jessica Simpson Shoes

Hello Friends!

So I have a random question for you all... if you could live anywhere in the World (like if you didn't have to worry about things like money or family) where would you live?

I would live somewhere in the South! In fact, I am really feeling a pull to go back again- last year I went on a three-week road trip with my dad from Texas to South Carolina, and everywhere in between. My dad is actually from Monroe, LA and I think that's why I felt so "at home" in the South- I have southern roots!

Picking a place to live in the South would be tough because I love the small town, slow-paced lifestyle, but I also am used to city living... so if I had to narrow this down a little more, I would move to Nashville, TN :) Have you guys ever been? It's lovely.

Since my trip with my dad I have always said I would move there someday, but I am not sure I ever will. My family is really important to me and I don't know if I could ever live so far away from them- BUT if they ever feel this "wanderlust" that I have had deep inside of me all of my life, I would surely encourage everyone to move to the dixieland :)

BTW, if you are from the South, I am so jealous!


  1. that's fun that your dad is from Monroe! I went to college in Natchitoches, which isn't too far from there! :)

  2. If I could move and bring my family and friends with me I'd move to Europe!! I'm in love with Paris...

    Love that sweater and pin!

  3. Italy would be my first choice, I have family there. Second would be anywhere warm and on a beach. Other than that, I love being in the Bay Area, so much to do!

    Love the sweater!


  4. North Carolina - hands down! I haven't found a place I love more! I'd prefer a place in Raleigh and in Asheville.

    My husband has lived in Monroe, LA! He graduated high school there and went to college for a couple years at LA Tech! Small world! (:

    Also, very cute outfit!

  5. Somewhere in California! Near a city and near a big lake. Somewhere where the sun shines and it is warm!

  6. It's a toss up between Bora Bora and some place in South France :)

    Great outfit!

  7. Cute outfit!

    Somewhere in France.


  8. Although I love the idea of the south, I would miss the snow too much. Actually, just the Christmas-y feel of the holiday months. And definitely the fall, I'd miss all the colors.

    So I would have to say probably in New York. I love the hustle and bustle. That or maybe L.A., that's where everything happens, right?

    Cute blog, following!

  9. I love wear I live, in upstate New York. If only the ocean were nearby, it would be perfect. The only thing better than wear I live is the beach.

  10. i love this express sweater on you and the flower pin is beautiful! and you should totally come south. we'd love you here! :)


  11. I am living in New Orleans but I'm originally from the cold Northwest :) I am torn between the two. The rain her is miserable but the snow lasts too long there. :)