January 6, 2011

Human Popsicle

Old Navy Sweater, H&M Blouse, GapSkirt, BP Shoes, MBMJ Bag, MK Watch

Hi Friends,

Holy moly, is it as cold where you live as it is here in San Francisco? Man... I froze my little booty off today! I had a lot of things to do tonight but it was so darn cold all I could do was sit in bed blogging and watching TV- lame I know. I feel like such a baby too since I was just in Colorado with below freezing temperatures. But there's something about living in California where you are never prepared for cold weather- even if it's only 40 degrees, which is nothin! We're softies.

I hope you all have a warm and cozy night!


  1. I'm so LOVING this outfit Kate! The skirt and that blouse are beautiful. I totally regret now not buying that blouse at H&M.
    You look great!

  2. Love this whole outfit!! Esp. that skirt..I got the same one, except in black a couple of weeks ago and I can't wait to wear it!! Sadly, they didn't have this color anymore...booo...

  3. I adore the way your whole outfit came together! That skirt and shirt play off of each other so well!


  4. This is skirt is so adorable on you. I had to order it and I hope it looks as cute on me!

  5. Here ya on the human popsicle. I walk every morning and I have been sooo cold. Such a California girl and a wimp.

    That skirt, looks so cute on u! I bought it a while back and have yet to wear. U have inspired me to pull it out, thanks for that!


  6. This is a really darling outfit. I love every single piece.

  7. I love this outfit! and your MBMJ bag is just gorgeous. WANT.

  8. You are a doll! Seriously, I love your feminine style and your makeup is always flawless!


  9. Stellar outfit! And I'm a huge baby too. I must REALLY love blogging to survive outdoor photo shoots!


  10. this bright yellow skirt is so lovely and it's great paired with a ruffly polka dot shirt. i'm a big fan of your MK watch too!


  11. I am absolutely in love with that skirt. Its so fun and pretty and I love the color. If you notice it missing one day, just know that it went to a good home.