April 12, 2013

frenchie friday

Pig hates baths and pretty much all water

Pig rolls on his back every morning when he wants to cuddle
Pig taking a nap on Andy in the park. He likes to be touching you at all times :)

Pig almost died from Aspiration Pneumonia last year. This is when we first brought him home from the vet.
Pig stretching at the Emergency Vet when he had pneumonia. Frenchie butts are the best!

Pig ready for bed...what else is new? 

The bf taking Pig for a walk. They are so cute together :)
Pig trying to avoid his bath haha
Sometimes Pig gets tired in the middle of his walks. 

Today's frenchie friday is all about Pig. I was going through some of my old pictures yesterday and found  these gems. Pig is pretty much the best dog in the world and I am so glad he is in my life. I hope you enjoy these pictures of the dog who started it all!

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