March 15, 2013

I went to burning man last year

I don't really know how to explain Burning Man. I lot of people told me this same thing before I went and it really bothered me. I like to prepare for things and be organized, but they were right, there really is no way to describe the experience you have when you are there. This is the best I can do for now...

Burning Man is a week long festival in Black Rock City, NV which is in the middle of nowhere. You don't need money when you are there because everyone trades and "gifts" things to you, as you will do with others. Similar to camping, you need to make sure you have plenty of water, lights, food, eye goggles and bandanna's for the whiteout dust storms, etc. 

I think the best description I have read about Burning Man is on the Burning Man website:

"You belong here and you participate. You're not the weirdest kid in the classroom — there's always somebody there who's thought up something you never even considered... 

You're here to survive. What happens to your brain and body when exposed to 107 degree heat, moisture wicking off your body and dehydrating you within minutes? You know and watch yourself...You slather yourself in sunblock before the sun's rays turn up full blast. You bring enough food, water, and shelter because the elements of the new planet are harsh, and you will find no vending.

You're here to create. Since nobody at Burning Man is a spectator, you're here to build your own new world. You've built an egg for shelter, a suit made of light sticks, a car that looks like a shark's fin. You've covered yourself in silver, you're wearing a straw hat and a string of pearls, or maybe a skirt for the first time...

You're here to experience. Ride your bike in the expanse of nothingness with your eyes closed...Find your love and understand each other as you walk slowly under a parasol. Wander under the veils of dust at night on the playa.

You're here to celebrate. On Saturday night, we'll burn the Man. As the procession starts, the circle forms, and the man ignites, you experience something personal, something new to yourself, something you've never felt before. It's an epiphany, it's primal, it's newborn. And it's completely individual.

You'll leave as you came. When you depart from Burning Man, you leave no trace. Everything you built, you dismantle. The waste you make and the objects you consume leave with you. Volunteers will stay for weeks to return the Black Rock Desert to its pristine condition."

I'm sure I'll write more about my experience at Burning Man since I hope to return with the bf this year. I have been looking forward to returning ever since we left last labor day weekend. It was truly one of the best experiences of my life and am looking forward to the adventure that will come with going again this year. 

Feel free to ask me any questions about Burning Man!

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