September 11, 2012

my anthro wishlist

Spring Anthro

Anthropologie is one of those stores I always wanted to shop at when I was younger but never actually did because it is so expensive. When I got my first job out of college (and my first steady paycheck) I would occasionally browse Anthropologie and if I saw something I loved, I would purchase it. However, I found that the quality did not always meet the price tag and eventually stopped shopping there altogether.

This week I have been working in downtown San Francisco and had to run an errand in Union Square which was right by the Anthropologie. They had some cute items in the window display and later that night I decided to browse their website. I found these gems above and am debating on purchasing them. 

What do you all think? Is Anthropologie clothing worth the price? What if it is on sale?


  1. I'm definitely a sale hunter! I feel like anthropology is an HM with jacked up prices, so sometimes I can't bring myself about to spending! But... these picks you have would be well worth it! I love Keira's look the best!

    xo Rachel

  2. OOOH I love all the pieces together, the way they did that. GORGEOUS. I was looking at the pieces before and I thought they were nice, but together... WOW :)

  3. I do love many of Anthropologies pieces and agree that many of them are a little overpriced. If I see something I like I usually wait until it goes on sale to buy.


  4. Anthro is the WORST! I want everything and can't afford it. Haha. Such a great list!