September 11, 2012

more of the green jean

I love all of the bright colors that are popping up this spring! However, like any trend, these bright colors may not be around for more than a few seasons. Living in a somewhat trendy city like San Francisco, I like to be apart of the stylish fun, but I also have to remember that I have a tight budget. Rather than feeling left out I tend to save my splurges on classic items (such as a white tee, black blazer, and bag) and then opt for cheaper versions of the clothes that are trendy this season season.

These green pants are from UO and at only $58 they aren't breaking the bank. The examples below are different ways I have seen these jeans styled. My favorite is the last image, very Kate Spade with the pink and green!

Do you guys like this trend? How would you style them and what color would you pick?

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  1. I have these green pants and I love the ways others have styled theirs...thank you for sharing