December 2, 2010

30 for 30: What I Need

H&M Purse, BP Dress, Target Tights, NineWest Pumps

Hello Blog Friends!

So now that I am coming up on the end of this challenge, I have realized there are a few things in my closet that I need. Well, maybe not need but definitely want! The first on my list: colored tights.

After moving to San Francisco I discovered the awesomeness (I know this is not a word but I skipped the coffee today and my brain is slow...) of black tights. However, I have not yet upgraded to colored tights and after looking at all the other remix posts I realized that a lot of outfits look 1,000 times better with a pop of color. Don't you think burgundy tights would look so much better with this dress?

The other things I feel like I could use a bit more of are belts and jewelry. I am terrible at picking both out, hence the reason for having very few of each in my closet.

What do you guys feel like you could use more of in your closets?


  1. I think doing the challenge is perfect to discover what you lack in your closet. I am not doing it on my blog but I tend to try and wear things that had not received love in a long time and I discover what would be great to have now !

    I like your blog

    Caro xxx

  2. I'm not doing the challenge either, but I love reading all the fashion blogs. I'd love to have more belts and accessories such as necklaces. I actually bought a belt and wore it over my sweater for the first time yesterday and everyone loved it including my husband. I felt cute all day! Love your blog!

  3. I'm new to the color tights trend as well! I knew I wanted to try them out for the challenge so I bought a purple and maroon pair prior to starting. It's definitely a great way to add color, but some people at work look at my funny. Oh well, I like them!

  4. Colored tights are exactly what I was thinking of adding to my wardrobe after the challenge is over. Handy that what we want is pretty cheapin the scheme of things :)

    And maybe a few more snazzy jewelry items - I've been browsing your posts and love yours. Love the outfits too!

  5. I loved colored tights. I've been wearing some HUE cranberry ones a lot lately and I found them and many others for $3 at Marshals. I'm also bad about shopping for belts. My problem is that they just don't excite me for whatever reason so I'm also focused on other items.

  6. I'm wearing burgundy tights today :)
    I agree that you could work burgundy tights with the dress as well as black plus a dark teal colour too as it looks to have some blue in the flowers. Also grey and purple would work too!

    I live in tights, black, coloured, patterned, as I wear skirts and dresses everyday apart from at the wknds when I wear jeans.

    Good luck getting to the end of your remix, I have just 4 more outfits to create. Yeehah!


  7. Colored tints are awesome, and you should get as many colors as you can. I think burgundy tights would look smashing with this outfit. Also, teal would look cute too if you want to really step out of the box.
    No Guilt Fashion

  8. I should probably add colored tights to my list as well.

    I'm not doing the remix, but looking at other's blogs has shown me how much accessories matter! I'm now restricting myself to buying only belts, scarves, and jewelery in January. :p

  9. colored tights may just be a trend but i hope it lasts. i love them! head out and get some, you can sooo pull it off!