December 13, 2010

30 for 30: Countdown- 3...

Old Navy White Long-Sleeve Shirt, Gap Sweater, Sway Belt, Gap Pants, NineWest Shoes, and Scarf I got at a little Indian shop in Berkeley, CA. Sorry not sure of the name but you can find scarves everywhere!
Here's to you Liz! Belted scarf :)
Finally, an outdoor picture! I was so excited I didn't know what to do so I squatted...

Hello Friends!

This past weekend really put me in the Christmas spirit :) First, I watched It's a Wonderful Life with my parents and then I went Christmas shopping with my mom.

I actually have a confession to make...this was the first time I have ever watched It's a Wonderful Life all the way through. After watching it, I understand that this should actually be a crime, and I have no idea why it has taken me 24 years to figure this out! I HIGHLY recommend watching this movie if you have never seen it before- I promise you will feel all warm and mushy inside :)

What movies do you guys like to watch around Christmas time?


  1. I love this scarf Kate! Speaking of It's a Wonderful Life, my co-workers and I were just discussing it. Someone watched it for the first time {I've yet to see it start to finish}. I think I need to add that to my bucket list.

  2. Cute outfit!

    I love It's A Wonderful Life! Around Christmas time I also love to watch Jingle all the Way, Little Women, Elf, & Home Alone. :)

  3. I love the belted scarf look! I think you look great. Yay for outdoor photos!

  4. Love how you did the belted scarf. And that belt with the bow on it is too cute for words.

  5. I've never seen It's a Wonderful Life either...I love watching Elf and A Christmas Story and Rudolph Claymation ;)