September 30, 2010

Warm Fuzzy Wednesday - On a Thursday

Love my Fam :)
Last night I had a "warm fuzzy" moment. I stayed the night at my parents house, ate dinner with my mom (yummy salmon cakes!) and then watched Glee and Modern Family with both my parents.

Glee was exceptional but Modern Family was hilarious...even more so than usual. I have been looking for the specific clip that I thought was funny but they haven't posted one online yet. Basically, the older sister insulted her younger sister by saying she looks like a lesbian for wearing Teva's... and for some reason, this unexpected comment made me and my parents laugh so hard we cried- for about ten minutes straight!

It was so simple, but I have learned to really cherish moments like this with my family. Is there a time where you have had a "warm fuzzy" with friends or family from something silly, like a one-liner on a TV show?

Watch the Episode

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