September 9, 2010

I Found Jesus in My Car Today

It's been a rough week.

In fact, life has not been going exactly how I would like it to lately...even worse, I don't know what I want, or what to do to make it better. Times like these make it easy to fall into a funk or a hole so deep it's hard to get out. Times like these are also when Jesus decides to show up in unexpected places to let you know everything will be alright. Today, I found Jesus in my car.

While driving to work this morning, feeling down about life, one of my favorite songs started playing- The Middle, by Jimmy Eat World. After turning the radio up so loud I'm sure the other drivers could hear my music, I started singing the catchy tune and instantly felt Jesus singing along with me in my car.

"It just takes some time,
little girl, you're in the middle of the ride.
Everything, everything will be just fine,
Everything, everything will be alright. (alright)"

Is there a special moment where you found Jesus in an unexpected place?

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