September 28, 2010


Oh my word, it's Glee season again! If you are insane and have not watched this show yet, I urge you, drop everything you are doing and watch the whole first season... right now. I promise you will fall in love :)

One of the many reasons I watch this show is to see what one of the characters, Emma Pillsbury, is going to wear. A mix of vintage, J Crew, Anthropologie, and a number of other darling brands all come together in a delightfully "clean" way, that I seriously can't help but covet.

And now, I have just discovered a blog, "What Would Emma Pillsbury Wear", that I would like to share with all, so everyone can now find clothing and put together outfits, to look more like Emma Pillsbury.



  1. Doesn't she just have the BEST outfits! Oh, I would kill to be as adorable as her. Including the red hair!