May 5, 2011

My Momma Failed to Teach Me... to sew. It's true, while I so desperately wish I knew how to sew (at least be able to alter things), I actually have no idea how to do anything. Look at this skirt from a blog I just started following C&C

I WANT TO BE ABLE TO DO THIS!!! She sewed the whole thing from scratch and shows how she did it here. Love this skirt, love that it is handmade, and wish it was mine ;)

Do you guys sew? If so, how did you learn?


  1. In high school, took a fashion design class. If you go to JoAnn's they have classes where you can learn how to sew. I think it's pretty cheap, and really easy to learn!

  2. My mom taught me to sew when I was a little kid. She is technically better, but my stuff usually fits better because I get the drape right and go with my instincts instead of the pattern sometimes... They have classes all over and there are tons of resources on the internet! You can learn!!

  3. Non sewer here, too! I took a "fashion" class (read: sewing lame pajama pants) in high school and nearly failed due to extreme senioritis. Definetely regretting that choice now.

  4. Love it!! I so want to learn how to sew!!!

  5. I absolutely love to sew! Its my total addiction, I'm always locked in my room and at the end of the night I come out looking like a monster with thousands of threads all over me. I learned through a class but I think it's totally doable to learn by yourself. You just have to take it a little bit at a time! You should learn, you'd love it!
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  6. Totally agree...I never learned how to sew properly. I got a sewing machine and everything and took lessons but still don't really know what the heck i'm doing.

    nice meeting you last week btw! so funny we're both bloggers :)

  7. Ah thats amazing! I know how to sew-but only because my freshman year of high school I needed an elective, and there was no way i was taking a gym class. Therefore, sewing became my new favorite class :)
    Love your blog, I'm definitely following
    Have a great day!

  8. love the look!

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  9. I know how you feel about the sewing! I have ideas in my head to alter a few pieces but I can't sew.. although I've decided that this summer I'm going to learn.
    The skirt is very pretty, i love the color combination with the shoes :D