May 4, 2011

Day to Night, Work to Play- Angie

Hello Friends,

I don't know if ya'll remember (that's right, I am from California and I just said ya'll) but a few posts ago I mentioned that if you had any pictures of outfits you could easily transition from day to night I would love it if you could send them over. Much to my surprise, a few of you did, which is totally awesome (now that sounds a little more like I'm from California).

Anywho, I very much appreciate the pictures and I am looking forward to posting more- so if you have any you would like to share email me at and I will post yours too!

This first celebrity outfit post  features Angie from "The Hotness Your Momma Warned You About" aka the best blog name I have ever seen. Angie's current abode is located in San Francisco, CA and her blog is delicious, I'm sure you guys will LOVE it.

I really like the way Angie pulled off the Day to Night look above. Not only is her outfit completely work appropriate but the changes can all be made easily by modifying a few accessories and adding a jacket. For more details on the rundown of her look go here.

Angie, thank you for sending over the pictures and I look forward to seeing what other looks you create on your blog! 


  1. AHHHHHHHHHHH! Are you kidding. Love your guts! thanks for letting me be on your blog.. You are the sweetest! Since we are in the same city, we should totally get together for brunch soon.



  2. just stumbled across your blog! Love your style- fashion, and decor! consider me your newest follower :)