April 27, 2011

Finally Catching the Bus on Time Today

Blouse? Gifted. Vest? Sway (boutique in Berkeley, CA). Jeans? Levis. Watch? MK. Shoes? NineWest.

The sun is too bright!
Hi Friends!

I hope you all are having a splendid week so far. Today has been a success for me! So, for the last year while I was living at home with my parents I have had my own car. Now that I have moved to the city, I literally have no place to park this car so it is sitting in the cozy driveway of my parents home. This is great for my car because it was getting trashed in the city, but totally sucks for me.

I am notorious for being late- in fact everywhere I go I am usually running 5-10 minutes behind- so having a car was great; I could pick and go whenever I pleased. Not so much anymore. My whole life is starting to focus on public transportation which requires punctuality, a characteristic I am going to have to force upon myself if I want to remain employed at my current position, etc.

Though this is embarrassing to admit, today was the first time (since I have moved) that I have caught the bus on time. Woo hoo! Let's celebrate, this is big haha.


  1. Love the outfit Kate! The blue looks fantastic. Hope you will be doing more outfit posts now that you've settled from your move to the city.

  2. I love your outfit! I am the same way when it comes to punctuality. I used to be early for EVERYTHING, and now I am constantly running 5-15 minutes late. I think that has something to do with taking outfit pictures everyday. (I can blame my blog, right?) Anyway - I'm really glad to have found your blog through "In Kinsey's Closet" and can't wait to read more :)